Hello Earthlings, and welcome to Breathing Abstract.

The quarter life stage brings in so many changes and challenges into our lives. We are constantly asking ourselves the big question ‘What now’?

The name breathing abstract is inspired by how most of us live an abstract life in our twenties. Oftentimes its not clear where we are going and what we are achieving sometimes leading to frustration. This where this blog comes in.

I created this blog in order to get out of the rat race and improve my lifestyle and financial standing. I will be researching and trying out strategies on practical financial and lifestyle habits which I will share with you.

My name is Vimbai or Victoria (Both Great) and I’m currently working in the technology manufacturing industry in Netherlands. Not an engineer by profession, but I have a passion for business. I am a young adult, with an International business MBA and an appetite for success.

My hope for this humble blog is to help everyone (including myself) live their best life no matter the budget.

Enough useless information for now and let’s get moving!