Have you ever read an article, book, watched a motivational talk or simply just had a conversation with someone and it makes you feel like in a matter of months, you could be lying on a beach in the Bahamas earning money for doing absolutely NOTHING?

Lol, I know I have.

The book titles usually start with, “How to,” and end with some ridiculous promise of a six-figure income or the word, “from home.”

Try search for ‘How to make passive income’ in Google and you’re blasted by at least 2 million results. You can practically feel the swindlers screaming out at you from the screen.

There are really few amongst us who have not been seduced by the lure of the Passive Income – the idea that we can earn an ongoing income with minimal or no effort.

When in fact it is for the most part – mainly Bullsh*t.

The truth is that only a a few people have built massive success stories through these strategies. And what worked for them will most likely not work for you.

beach cocktail

Lets discuss why Passive income is like believing in Santa Claus.

  1. The income is passive

There is really nothing passive about “Passive Income”. Firstly you need to have a business idea (Preferably one that doesn’t suck), Then you need to research this idea and this can take a really long time. Once this idea seems plausible, you then need to translate it into a money generating business which means applying some good technical and marketing sense.

This is just the beginning.

After this, you still have to build a website, blog or business.

Then you need to create content or a product that people actually care about.

Once you have this, the work on building an audience and getting people to closer to buying your product or other people’s product actually starts.

Lets not even talk about the time you have to spend being extra nice and fake on social media platforms promoting your product. Once you’ve done ALL this, don’t even expect to pour yourself a margarita and chill. Oh no, not if you want your “Passive Income “to continuously flow in. Business is continuously evolving that by the time you are back from your retreat in the Seychelles there is likely to be someone offering the better, cheaper, smarter version of what you are offering. Someone who is still liking, commenting and engaging with their tribe. The truth is you can’t stay ahead of the competition Passively & you can’t maintain a loyal following Passively.

  1. It’s Easy

There is nothing easy about creating passive income. If it was, we’d all be doing it and

  1. You’ll become rich

Oh dear, don’t we all want to be rich?

If you look at the Forbes list! None of those people created wealth exclusively through passive investment and income. Those who make the most and become the most wealthy are those who are willing to be active in their investment, and to put in the time and effort required to build the kind of wealth they are looking for.

This is not a rant, but I know so many people just like myself who had the idea of earning whilst we sleep hahahaha.

Truth is, nothing good comes easy and we just have to work harder for what we want folks.