We all need things. Things to wear, things to eat, things to use, things to do – it’s all things things things. There are plenty of things out there where the price simply does not match the value. We live in a free economy (well…as much as they make us believe), and because of this one can expect to pay a range of prices for a similar product. Sometimes the cheap stuff is even equally as good as the more expensive stuff.

However, not all things are created equal. As you might have guessed from the title of this article, there are certainly some things worth paying a premium for. Below are my top 8 things that are always worth the extra cash and are enough for us to drop frugality at the door.


Shoes protect your feet from man’s greatest nemesis: the ground. Cold, stony and unforgiving, you need a decent pair of shoes on your feet to keep your fleshy soles safe.

Health should be of great importance to all of us. We do a lot of things to be healthy- spend money on gym memberships, miracle treatments, and even take in multitudes of vitamins that appear all over the media. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can have a negative effect on our well-being.
Not to mention that cheap shoes generally look cheap – if you can’t appreciate the need for quality footwear from a health standpoint, you will at least appreciate the benefits of looking good.



A Mattress

Imagine the amount of time you spend sleeping in your life. According to research, by the guardian, If the average night’s sleep is eight hours (ie one third of a day), one sleeps for one third of one’s life. If you live, say, 75 years, that’s 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days.

This should be motivation enough for you to buy the best mattress, pillows and sheets you can afford.
A good mattress is an important factor in the quality of your sleep, which is important to the quality of your life.



You think you’re saving money BUT then it ends up costing you +18 years of your life

condomToilet Paper
Your bum is probably the hardest-working yet least-appreciated organ in your ungrateful body. Imagine all the shit it has to deal with and and you’re going to thank it with one-ply toilet Paper? Think about it.
Besides, you end up spending more on the thin cheap, single layer stuff because it requires using a lot more of it.

toilet paperFood

You are what you eat. This saying has been there since God created Adam and Eve. You should not take a risk when it comes to your health. In order to maintain your health you need to eat good quality and nutritious food and unfortunately nothing good comes cheap.

Fresh organic fruits, meat and vegetables are always a good choice. Ditch the frozen dinners and start making healthy fresh food.

can chicken


When buying cosmetics, you should never forget that cosmetics are used directly on your skin. Cheap cosmetics will most likely give you negative reactions and may be very dangerous, to the extent of having skin problems for a lifetime. Be careful when you make your choice and choose quality over quantity!




Buy the safest and most reliable automobile that you can afford. Not saying we should be all driving the latest Mercedes, but doing your research on a good reliable car and understanding the mechanics behind it will save you money and even your life in the long run. If you can’t afford a good one at present do not compromise upon it.

Memories and Experiences

Last but certainly not the least experiences never get lost or ruined. Feelings, memories and good times will always stay with us with happiness attached to them. Spending on possessions may fill your closet and pantry, but spending on intangibles fills your soul.

Travel the world and try that new cuisine. Take a walk, go to that music concert or visit the art gallery.

Better yet, enjoy those experiences with your loved ones and you can never put a price tag on that.

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